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We are a Benedictine Order committed to a spiritual Life and service to the people of God. Our ministry is not defined by the presence or absence of parishes but by the work we do in the community and as our role in being a Missional Church.

New England Diocese and the Canadian Maritime Provinces

The RcCI is an independent catholic church community which is part of over 100,00 members and nearly 150 jurisdictions in the United States, and over two million members worldwide.  Its tradition stems from the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands which arrived in this country at the end of the 19th Century.  It is a church which has a strong history of being open and inclusive to all individuals - regardless of gender or orientation.  Though not paying allegiance to the pope or the Vatican, it is "catholic" in its sacraments, liturgy, creeds and order of ministry - which includes the ordination of women as both deacons and priests - and is respectful of the faith and practices of the Roman Catholic Church as well as faith communities of other Christian traditions and world religions.  Our presiding bishop for the RcCI is located in Cumberland RI. Our new Bishop for the New England Diocese will be announced this summer. (The RcCI is a Rhode Island non-profit corporation.)

ONE  GOD-Many Names / ONE  SON - Many Paths / ONE  TRUTH - Many Faiths

Most Rev. Andre L. Gregoire

Presiding Bishop

Emmaus Ministry

 Rev. Michael Scarlett

Archivist: RCCINE

Chaplain: Taunton State Hospital 

St. Benedict Interfaith Christian Fellowship

Rev. Jaye Moore

Hospice Chaplain

Rev. Fr. Lenny Nelson

Chaplain: Taunton Police Dept. 

Co-Founder: Silver City Teen Center

Unus Deus Ministries

Re. Thadius Platt

Desert Ministries


Rev. John Midura 

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Mission

Rev. William F. Duer

St. John of the Cross Ministry - Arkansas


Rev. Charles "Chuck" Rose

Chaplain: Taunton State Hospital

Vets House, New Bedford, MA

C Rose Ministries

Rev. Reno Favretto

On Eagle's Wings Interfaith Ministry, Nova Scotia 

Rev. Marjorie Favretto

On Eagle's Wings Interfaith Ministry, Nova Scotia 


 Rev. Steven Dwyer


Our Mission: 

is to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ through the ancient church He founded. Guided through prayer and by the Holy Spirit we use our time, talents and resources to minister with love, forgiveness and acceptance to the needs of all His people without prejudice.

The Reformed catholic Church International is a ministry dedicated in service to our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been called by Him to serve you, our brothers and sisters, who, though are professed Christians, have chosen not to yoke themselves to a particular church or denomination.

Therefore, our calling is to serve those in need of ministerial services, be it a baptism, marriage, internment service, communion,  pastoral counseling or simply, reconciliation with our Lord.

Like our Lord’s Apostles, our ministry is not tied to a geographical or community boundary, we make it very simple, you call, we serve!


The Reformed catholic Church International Inc., like our Brethren of the Ecumenical Catholic Communities of Phoenix, AZ, fully agree in spirit, to their stated principle:

  “Our open and inclusive catholic denominations are a place to grow, a place to heal, and a place to return to the sacraments.  Here you can live a full spiritual and liturgical life, regardless of your marital status, gender, political beliefs, sexual orientation, finances, or matters of conscience.  We invite you to join us in our ministry of Christ's reconciling Love." 

Here at RcCI we have taken  it one step further, “Do not judge, lest ye be judged.”  As a international denomination we are fully ecumenical and fully Christian in all aspects.  As a legitimate Church, our Clergy possess valid Holy Orders and our Presiding Bishop Andre L. Gregoire was consecrated in direct Apostolic Succession to the Apostle Peter through the Duarte-Costa line as well as all the clergy of the RcCI. We are considered independent Christians, born again from the ancient church that our Lord Jesus Christ founded and independent from Rome.  We respect the Vatican and the Pope who is considered the first bishop equal among bishops, but are not governed by it.

Welcome to the internet presence of the Order of Contemporary Benedictines (OCB), an independent religious order inspired by the rule of St. Benedict of Nursia and a ministry of the Reformed catholic Church International.

We are a religious order of contemplatives, building our individual practices on tools given to us by St. Benedict. Our practice takes root in the same beginnings as other Benedictine monasteries; however the OCB expresses spirituality in a more contemporary way.

Our members are free to live and work in the world and to minister as they feel called. For example, some serve as chaplains, counselors, teachers and musicians.  The guiding principle behind this is to "be in the world, but not of it."  We believe that many are called to live a contemplative life, in service to God and neighbor, however cannot express it in the traditional way of living in a monastery. We believe that God's call is just as strong and just as valid for those who have responsibilities and vocations to families, careers and occupations but are unable to live a celibate life in a cloistered community.

Anyone, male or female, who feels called by God and inspired to contemplative prayer without leaving the challenges of the world behind, may find a spiritual home with the OCB.  No judgements.  No discrimination.  Just love, acceptance and fraternity in the name of our Lord.

 We welcome you to explore the pages on this website and invite you to send us an email expressing a prayer request or simply to let us know that you stopped by. 


Rev Ted Platt  



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Our Clergy are members of the:


Ordination Videos


4-1-06 - Rev. Taylor and Rev. Dwyer's Ordination


Rev. Andre L. Gregoire's Consecration as Bishop


4-21-07 - Rev. Lenny Nelson's Ordination


1-13-08 - Rev's Platt, Rev. Duer's Incardination & Rev Midura & Rev. Rose's Ordination .


5-17-08 - Rev. Reno Favretto's Ordination


3-21-09 - Rev. Majorie Favretto's Ordination




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